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Considerations When Designing Your Paver Patio

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Patios by themselves are a convenient structure to have for your outdoor space and provide plenty of different options for its construction. Out of those different options, pavers opens even more style choices for your patio. With a paver patio, there is not just benefits in terms of design but also durability. Whatever type of paver patio you decide on, different features can help enhance your outdoor space. If you are looking to have a paver patio that is both functional and stylish, several points can help you with this.

Design Tips for Paver Patios

A paver patio is a generally versatile structure to work with. Especially when the most fitting material is chosen to stand against your landscape conditions. For something that can meet both visual and durability goals with your patio project, you will want to note the following:

Think of the Bigger Picture

A good first step when it comes to designing a paver patio or even a regular patio is to consider the effects and elements of the surroundings. From your goals in having a patio to the amount of space allowed, the allowances and limitations of your paver patio design can fall into many different factors. Choosing the right patio shape, whether it be square, round, or free-form can help determine the most feasible paver patio design for the intended space.

Consider Mixed Materials

When you choose the most fitting materials for a paver patio, you also have the option to mix and match different material types. This can create not just a unique look but a play on textures for the overall structure. Mixing natural stone with pavers is one way to get very different textures into a project in a visually appealing way. You can also have the option to change up paver sizers for visual play as well. However, while you may have the option to play with different materials, you will want to be careful in overdoing things.

Consider Unique Patterns

If you don’t find appeal in mixing different materials for your paver patio, you also have the option to consider an eye-catching pattern for your design. Some of the more popular patterns that you can consider for your paver patios include herringbone, 45-degree herringbone, basketweave, boxed basketweave, random, and brick. Depending on the style of the patio, there are some different pattern options you can incorporate but you will want to be careful of overdoing things. If you’re planning curved or winding areas, you might incorporate a few circular design elements.

Why Have Sunshine Coast Pavers For Consultation

There may be different tips available on working out any design plans for your paver patio but if you find yourself unsure about any aspect of the project, the best option is to consult a professional service group. When you choose to consult a team like Sunshine Coast Pavers, you can be assured of reliable professionals that can provide the best match of pavers for your landscape while ensuring a hassle-free process. Whether you are looking for something simple or something elaborate in design, Sunshine Coast Pavers can help fulfil any paver project.


Patios are generally versatile structures in terms of style but with paver patios, there is no shortage of design options that you can go for. With how many choices there are, there are also different considerations to be made in ensuring a functional and stylish design. Whether it be thinking of the effects of the landscape to considering a mixture of materials for unique looks, designing a paver patio holds several different tips to help achieve balance.

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